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Concussion evaluation

Neuropsychological evaluation following a concussion

Dr. Wethe is establishing a concussion clinic to rapidly evaluate patients, particularly athletes, who have recently sustained a concussion. Evaluations in this clinic will typically take one hour and include a clinical interview, brief neuropsychological screening, and feedback to the patient/family. These evaluations can assist in determining return to play, school/work recommendations, need for rehabilitative therapy or psychotherapy, and need for a full neuropsychological evaluation.

Consider referral for neuropsychological evaluation following a concussion when:

  • There is no baseline ImPACT testing or ImPACT testing does not follow the expected pattern.
  • There is a history of multiple concussions.
  • The patient does not seem to be recovering as expected and/or you suspect psychological factors may be contributing to symptoms.
  • The athlete likely had below average or well above average intellectual functioning at baseline, especially if baseline ImPACT testing was not performed. Full testing may be needed.
  • There is a history of ADHD, learning disability, seizures or other neurological conditions. This is especially important if baseline testing was not performed. Full testing may be needed.
  • There are findings on neuroimaging. Full testing is recommended.


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Please specify purpose of concussion evaluation.

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