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Neuropsychological services

Neuropsychological diagnostic services

What is a neuropsychological evaluation?

A neuropsychological evaluation involves standardized testing that is sensitive to problems in brain functioning. While CT or MRI scans may show structural abnormalities in your brain, neuropsychological testing shows how well your brain is actually working (for example, remembering and learning). It may also be helpful in understanding subtle brain-related factors involved in academic failure or impaired emotional functioning. The tests will be administered by a neuropsychologist or a trained technician, and the results will be interpreted by the neuropsychologist.

What are the benefits of a neuropsychological evaluation?

Hook outpatient neuropsychology services provides neuropsychological evaluations and consultations to help you and your physician with any of the following issues:

  • Finding or ruling out any possible problems with your brain functioning;
  • Forming a diagnosis;
  • Defining your cognitive strengths and weaknesses (e.g., attention, memory, language, processing speed, problem solving and reasoning, academic skills, visual-spatial abilities) and need for rehabilitation;
  • Establishing the role your emotions may be playing in your cognitive functioning;
  • Guiding treatment for your personal, educational or vocational needs;
  • Making recommendations to you, your family, your doctor or other health care providers. This information may assist in determining capacity to make decisions, live independently, work, etc.
  • Documenting possible changes in your functioning over time or in response to behavioral or pharmacological treatment.
  • Establishing a pre-surgical baseline (e.g. brain tumor) and measuring any cognitive changes after surgery;
  • Assisting in concussion management (e.g., when to return to play and other activities).

What happens during a neuropsychological evaluation?

Most of the tests will involve questions and answers, using paper and pencil, and working with materials on a table. You may work on a computer for some tasks, but you will not be hooked up to any machines or undergo any other type of invasive procedure such as X-rays. Patients do not need to prepare in advance other than getting a good night’s sleep. Typical evaluations take 3-6 hours. You and your family member(s) will also spend some time with the neuropsychologist discussing your relevant medical, personal, educational and vocational history.

What can I expect after the neuropsychological evaluation?

After the neuropsychological evaluation has been completed, the neuropsychologist will interpret the data and write a detailed report outlining the findings and recommendations to guide your treatment or otherwise help you in your daily life. This report will be submitted to your referring physician who will usually meet with you at a later office visit to go over the results. You and your family may also meet with the neuropsychologist so that he may explain your testing results, make recommendations, and answer all your questions.

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For an appointment or to make a referral, please call Hook Rehabilitation at 317-355-2320.

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