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Ranked among the nation's most integrated healthcare systems, Community Health Network is Central Indiana's leader in providing convenient access to exceptional healthcare services, where and when patients need them—in hospitals, health pavilions, workplaces, schools and homes.

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Patient satisfaction and outcomes

Commitment to quality

At Community Spine Center, the quality of care we provide is measured in many different ways. We work with organizations that benchmark our standard of care on a national level, and our physicians and therapists are recognized for excellent outcomes.

Overall patient satisfaction

At Community Spine Center, we invite each of our patients to complete a survey based on their personal experience. Our patient surveys say a lot about how we're performing and we are grateful for the feedback our patients share. These surveys are extremely valuable in helping us to identify what we do well, and where we have opportunities for growth. Survey information is reviewed on a regular basis and used as an integral tool in how we manage the patient experience.

*Data period: January through October 2010

1. Overall, how was your experience at the Community Spine Center?

97% of patients rated their overall experience at the Community Spine Center as good or exceptional.

2. Our goal is to keep your time in the waiting room to a minimum. How would you rate our performance?

99% of patients rated their time in the waiting room as good or exceptional.

3. How would you describe how well your medical condition and/or treatment were explained to you?

95% of patients rated the explanation of their medical condition and/or treatment plan as good or exceptional.

4. How would you characterize the quality of care the staff members provided?

95% of patients rated the quality of care the staff members provided as good or exceptional.

5. How would you rate the follow-up of your medical conditions and/or treatments?

95% of patients rated the follow-up of their medical problems and/or treatments as good or exceptional.

6. Would you recommend Community Spine Center to others?

97% of patients would recommend the Community Spine Center to others.

Physical therapy outcomes and satisfaction

Our physical therapy patients answer standardized questions about their functional status at intake, during the course of therapy and at discharge. We submit this data to a national database company, Focus On Therapeutic Outcomes, Inc (FOTO). Every quarter, FOTO provides us comparison summary reports.

What we measure

Number of visits and duration of episode of care. Number of visits represents the average number of therapy visits a patient attends per episode of care for a particular condition. As you can see, our therapists are able to provide the same exceptional outcome in fewer visits—50 percent fewer—than the national best practice! This result means more effective, efficient care providing significant cost savings while still delivering the same high quality outcome of care.

Number of visits at Community Spine Center is 50% fewer than the national average

Patient satisfaction. Our physical therapy services are delivered with patient outcomes and satisfaction as top priority. In particular, we monitor our patients' overall satisfaction as well as if they would recommend our therapy services to a friend. The chart below shows that overall patient satisfaction at Community Spine Center is 96% and 98% of our patients would recommend us.

Overall patient satisfaction at Community Spine Center is 96% and 98% of our patients would recommend us.

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