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Breastfeeding support options

In-hospital support

Breastfeeding and lactation servicesFrom moments after delivery, we are committed to helping moms and babies establish a positive breastfeeding experience. Our team of international board certified lactation consultants rounds on patients daily, encouraging mom and baby skin-to-skin contact immediately after delivery when possible and assisting with proper latch on. Our labor-delivery-recovery-postpartum suites are designed so that newborns can room-in with mom, creating an optimal environment for breastfeeding.

Moms of multiples, premature babies, or those needing advanced medical support in a special care nursery or NICU setting face unique challenges, including potential latch-on difficulties or separation of mom from baby. We have lactation consultants trained to address the specialized needs of these moms and babies. Our NICU rooms are equipped with refrigerators, keeping mom’s breast milk in the same room as baby.

Online support: Facebook groups

Connect with our lactation consultants and support group moms on Facebook!Community offers private breastfeeding support via Facebook groups. To get started, choose the location where you delivered or nearest you and request to join that group. A lactation consultant will approve your request so you can get started right away!

One-on-one support after discharge

In-person consultation

Lactation consultationFor breastfeeding issues such as ongoing milk supply issues, latch problems in the first week of life, or baby experiencing weight loss, a one-hour consultation may be advised. Each session is $50, due at time of service. Some insurance plans cover this service. If yours does, you can submit your paid receipt for reimbursement. A physician’s referral is not required; you may call to make an appointment at any time.

Telephone consultation

Lactation consultants are available by telephone seven days a week to offer continuing support to families after discharge from the hospital. Calls are returned during business hours.

  • Community Hospital East, 317-355-2345
  • Community Hospital North, 317-621-5380
  • Community Hospital South, 317-887-7927

Support groups

Lactation support group at Community Hospital NorthFree weekly breastfeeding support groups bring together nursing mothers and lactation consultants in an informal setting to share experiences and problem-solve. It’s a fun and comfortable atmosphere—and a great place to meet new friends!

Who is welcome?

Moms and babies who are currently breastfeeding are welcome at support group. Many of our group members are quite young and we want to keep everyone healthy, so we discourage older siblings from attending.

What to bring

You’ll need your baby, diapers/wipes, and supplemental feeding supplies (if needed). You may also want to bring your stroller, Boppy or breast pump. We provide a scale, pillows and blankets.

What happens at support group?

During support group, moms are encouraged to feed their babies, getting a before and after weight to measure how much baby is eating with each feeding. Lactation consultants are available to address basic concerns and questions related to breastfeeding.

Lactation support group at Community Hospital NorthWhen is group held?

  • Community Hospital North: Tuesdays, 10:30 a.m. to noon and Wednesdays, 5 to 6:30 p.m.
  • Community Hospital South: Thursdays, 10:30 a.m. to noon

Where do support groups meet?

  • Community Hospital North: OB classrooms (4th floor)
  • Community Hospital South: Educational center (main level)

Why should I attend support group?

Support group is a wonderful opportunity to get answers for basic questions about breastfeeding.* Common topics include latch and positioning assistance, weaning from the nipple shield, returning to work and starting solids.

*If you are experiencing more complicated breastfeeding issues, such as ongoing milk supply issues, latch problems in the first week of life, or baby experiencing weight loss, we recommend a one-on-one consultation instead of support group, where our lactation consultants can provide you with more individualized support.

Community support groups

Check the following resources to find a breastfeeding support group in your area.

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