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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Not sure which location to use in your emergency? Below are some frequently asked questions as well as some guidelines to help you best determine which location will serve your needs. If you go to the wrong location, don’t worry. Our staff will help direct you to the proper location and best of all, you will not be charged for the visit at the wrong location.

MedCheck Express

MedCheck Express is designed to help families when they cannot see their normal doctor or do not have a family physician to treat minor illnesses and injuries. A list of services that are treated at MedCheck Express are listed on our services page. If your injury or illness falls outside this list, you may need to go to one of our MedCheck or emergency room locations.

Walk-in vs. urgent care

In these economic times where cutting back is part of planning the household budget, Community Health Network is working to keep urgent and routine health care costs to a minimum.

  1. What has changed at MedCheck?
    MedCheck has changed from an urgent care clinic to a walk-in clinic.
  2. What does this change mean to me, the patient?
    If you have health insurance, your walk-in co-pay will be less than what you were previously paying for an urgent care visit. A walk-in clinic co-pay is the same as a physician or specialist office co-pay. An urgent care co-pay charge is typically between the cost of a physician/specialist office visit and an emergency room visit.
  3. What if I do not have insurance?
    MedCheck accepts cash, check and credit card payments for those who do not have insurance. You will pay the same out-of-pocket fee as you would at a physician's office.
  4. Will there be any changes in my medical care?
    No. You will not see any changes in the exceptional care and services you've come to expect at our MedCheck centers.
  5. When does the new pricing take effect?
    The change from urgent care clinic to walk-in clinic took place on February 1, 2009.

When should I go to an emergency department?

Major medical emergencies need the attention available 24/7 at Community Hospitals’ emergency departments. These situations might include cardiac (heart) conditions, difficulty breathing, serious head injury, spinal cord injury, severe allergic reactions, extensive second- or third-degree burns, or substance overdose. Please go to your nearest emergency department to receive care for these conditions. For home First Aid information, visit

How do I pay for services?

MedCheck Express and MedCheck are participating providers in many insurance plans, and we also accept cash, check and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express). MedCheck Express also accepts Medicaid and Medicare. (Note: MedChecks will accept Medicaid starting January 1, 2011.) Because it is impossible to know all the benefits available under each patient’s insurance coverage, it is your responsibility to know your insurance benefits. As a provider for many insurance plans, we will be happy to file these claims for you or to provide you with the information you need to file your own insurance claim.

What if I have a doctor already?

MedCheck Express and MedCheck are perfect for when your own doctor is unavailable, and we’ll be glad to forward any information about your care at your request. We also encourage you to see your own doctor for any follow-up care. If you don’t have a doctor, call 800-777-7775 or use our online Find a Doctor tool to find one.

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