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Community Health Network offers skilled and experienced neurosurgeons utilizing advanced technologies and minimally invasive surgical options. An array of neurosurgical expertise is available in the diagnosis and treatment of cerebrovascular conditions such as stroke, spine conditions, brain tumors and hydrocephalus.

Neurosurgery services are available at Community Hospitals East, North, South and Anderson. To start the referral process, please call 800-777-7775.

Surgical procedures and conditions

  • Normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH)
  • Cerebral vascular
  • Spine fusion
  • Spine tumors
  • Spine injury
  • Brain tumors
  • Vagal nerve stimulation

Special procedures - NPH

Normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH), also known as "water on the brain," is difficult to diagnose and often seen as part of the aging process. However, NPH is treatable, allowing people with NPH to lead full and productive lives.

Diagnosing NPH

Several diagnostic tests are performed to help diagnose NPH beyond the normal patient history and physical exam. These include a CT or MRI, lumbar puncture, lab tests as well as neuropsychological testing.

Treatment of NPH

The only effective treatment of NPH involves the surgical implantation of a shunt system, a device designed to drain cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) away from the nervous system, allowing the enlarged ventricles to decrease in size in an effort to relieve the symptoms of NPH. This procedure is performed by the neurosurgeon.

The patient's length of hospital stay varies from two to seven days.

Follow-up care

Following the procedure, the patient may improve quickly or it may take several weeks or months. Physical and occupational therapy is sometimes beneficial in the recovery process post-operatively. In some patients, little to no improvement may be seen.

NPH is an on-going condition and will require long-term, follow-up care by a physician. Regular medical check-ups are required with the neurosurgeon or neurologist.

Expected benefits

  • Improved gait
  • Improvement with memory functions
  • Improvement of urinary problems

Emotional support is an important aspect of the recovery and should be discussed with the physician, family and friends.


Community offers neurosurgical services at Indianapolis and Anderson hospitals. Please call 800-777-7775 to learn more.

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