Community Cancer Center South

TrueBeam™: State-of-the-art radiation therapy for cancer

Dr. Darrel Ross, radiation oncologist, describes the new TrueBeam™ system for cancer treatment at Community Cancer Center South. This external radiation beam therapy uses high-energy radiation with pinpoint accuracy to kill cancer cells. TrueBeam, a linear accelerator, treats tumors anywhere in the body, including the brain, with great precision and speed. Treatments take just minutes and only one to five treatments are needed for a complete course of radiation.

Eco-friendly design

Mitch Breeze, facilities director for Community Hospital South, discusses the "green" elements in the new Community Cancer Center South. Patients will find low-VOC materials, high-efficiency heating, cooling and lighting systems, and lots of natural daylight. The facility is one of the most eco-friendly, sustainable buildings in south Indianapolis.

Approach to care

Regina Ward, executive director of Community Cancer Center South, talks about the multidisciplinary approach to care patients will experience at the new Community Cancer Center South.