Cancer answers

Dr. Sumeet Bhatia, medical oncologist at Community Health Network, discusses risk factors for kidney cancer, signs and symptoms of kidney cancer and today's drug advancements and modern treatment options.

In support of Colon Cancer Awareness Month, colorectal surgeon Shekar Narayanan, MD, explains why screenings are key in reducing colon cancer risk.

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Sports medicine: Athlete injury awareness

Community Sports Medicine has teamed up with Athletes Saving Athletes™. A program founded in California, it trains student athletes to better recognize sports injuries.

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eHealth Radio is meant to serve consumers’ health interests not adequately served by traditional media outlets. “It's not your traditional recorded audio interview,” states the show's professional broadcast host Lynda de Widt, who is also PR and media relations director for Community Health Network. “This streaming Internet show is really focused on getting our physicians to explain healthcare in a simpler manner. We have some fun with our guests and really put them to work explaining disease prevention and treatment through the eyes of the patient and consumer. We also get them to open up and share what they do in their roles as caregivers and why they like what they do. It’s kind of blogtalk radio.” eHealthRadio will at times be live, will always be available for future listening, and can easily be shared via social networks.