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Be a bosom buddy

Written by Community Health Network on 2/6/2014 4:00:00 PM

Friends affect our healthcare attitudes and can push prevention awareness in a positive and personal way. That’s why Community Health Network created Bosom Buddies.

Bosom Buddies is a program that not only encourages women to get mammograms, but supports women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s a circle of friends that share health information and the importance of preventive screenings and treatment. The Bosom Buddies circle includes physicians, patients, breast health navigators and survivors.

The Bosom Buddies program even rewards women for getting a screening. Women who bring in this downloadable postcard get two Bosom Buddies bracelets: one for herself and one for a friend.

So why are Bosom Buddies so important? The earlier breast cancer is diagnosed, the better the chances for long-term survival.

“Our biggest strength is that we focus on a single disease process in a comprehensive and compassionate manner and focus on breast problems without distractions. We have all the tools we need for state-of-the-art breast care,” said S. Chace Lottich, M.D., FACS, breast care medical director and patient advocate at Community Health Network.

Community Health Network not only makes it easy for women to get screened, but also provides critical support to women who are being screened or have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Community has breast health navigators to shepherd women through breast cancer screening, diagnosis and the treatment process. continue reading ...

Viewing 1-1 of 1 result(s).

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