Sedentary men at greater risk for reoccurring adenomas

Written by Community Health Network on 11/3/2013 9:00:00 AM

(Medical – October 30, 2013) Sedentary men are at greater risk for developing reoccurring adenomas or polyps, which are benign tumors in the colon or rectum known to be precursors to colorectal cancer, according to Columbia University medical researchers presenting their study at the 12th Annual AACR International Conference. 

"Sedentary behavior is emerging as a risk factor for poor health," said Christine L. Sardo Molmenti, PhD, MPH, Columbia University. "Even among those who fulfill daily recommendations for physical activity, lengthy periods of sedentary behavior have been associated with early morbidity and mortality, leading to the 'active couch potato' paradigm.” The physicians suggest reducing prolonged sitting time.

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