Scott Hamilton took down testicular cancer

Written by Community Health Network on 4/3/2014 8:00:00 AM

Scott Hamilton, Olympic Gold Medalist and figure skating commentator didn’t skate through life.

Due to a rare disease Hamilton developed as a young boy, his growth was stunted. It was ice skating that helped him become physically stronger. Determined to be good at the sport, he practiced and worked his way up through the junior championships.

Hamilton sped forward and was the flag bearer at the 1980 Olympics, winner at the 1981 World Figure Skating Championships and gold medalist at the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo in a 1984. 

After his Olympic win, Hamilton became a part of many touring ice skating shows, including Stars On Ice. On March 18, 1997, during one of the tours, Scott Hamilton learned that he had testicular cancer.

After 12 weeks of successful chemotherapy treatments followed by an equally successful surgery to treat his cancer, and just six weeks of recuperation, Hamilton was back on the ice.

"Yes, cancer is horrible thing, but without it, I don't know who I'd be," said Hamilton in an interview with Everyday Health. "At the moment that you're diagnosed, the fear that smothers you is extraordinary. But it's soon replaced with a sense of power and determination. It awakens something in you that you never would have known existed otherwise."

Scott Hamilton has turned his experience with cancer into an opportunity to help others with cancer. He founded the Scott Hamilton CARES Initiative. Through CARES, Scott champions the 4th Angel Mentoring Program, promotes and helps raise money for breakthrough cancer research.

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