Red meat linked to colon cancer risk increase

Written by Community Health Network on 11/1/2013 9:00:00 AM

(Medical News Today – October 28, 2013) At the recent American Society of Human Genetics conference, University of California researchers reported one in three adults have a common genetic variant (rs4143094 in the GATA3 gene region) and if they predominately consume red or processed meat their risk for colorectal cancer significantly increases

They analyzed 2.7 million genetic sequences to determine if there is a link between consuming red and processed meat and colorectal cancer, as well as 9,287 adults with colorectal cancer and 9117 healthy individuals. These U.S. researchers also discovered a different yet positive genetic variant (rs1269486 on chromosome 8) in people and if they eat more fruit, vegetables and fiber, that may lower one's risk for colorectal cancer. 

The researchers concluded additional research is needed to determine which mechanisms in the genes regulate the intake of certain foods and impact one's risk for colorectal cancer.

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