Putt-ing cancer in its place

Written by Community Health Network on 4/22/2014 8:00:00 PM

Pro golfer Billy Mayfair, testicular cancer survivor

The best in golf just teed up for the Master's and the PGA tour is underway. But one pro golfer is more than just a five-time PGA Tour winner, he's also a cancer survivor.

Billy Mayfair has a resume that includes PGA tour trophy's and a win against Tiger Woods in a sudden-death duel at the 1998 Nissan Open. It also includes a battle with testicular cancer.

In 2006 Mayfair discovered a lump in his groin. 

"I was getting out of the shower and I felt a large bump just below my groin," Mayfair told Coping with Cancer Magazine in 2010. "I looked in the mirror and could tell that my right testicle was the size of a baseball. I didn't think very much about it, but it just didn't feel right."

After a trip to the doctor to have the unusual lump inspected, Mayfair was diagnosed with cancer. Just four days later he had surgery to remove his right testicle and rid him of cancer. Surgery was successful and Mayfair underwent radiation treatment to kill any remaining cancer cells.

Soon, Mayfair was back out on the course playing in the PGA Tournament and remains cancer-free today.

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Source: Coping with Cancer
Image: PGA

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