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Pretty in pink: Cancer center hosts trunk show

Written by Community Health Network on 9/2/2014 12:00:00 PM

Community Cancer Center South Summer Trunk ShowCommunity Cancer Center South's atrium was transformed on Friday, August 29. Where seating and magazine racks once stood, apparel, jewelry, creams and treats now lined the walls of the atrium. Patients, past and present, came together to shop for accessories and get garment fittings from our experts at Figleaf Boutique at a trunk show. All of the items for purchase were designed help cancer patients show off their "pretty" personalities.

Community Cancer Center South staff sported "Pretty in pink" polos, mingled with patients, and even served food and refreshments.

Bass Farms sold Triple B Hydrating cream, recommended by Community cancer doctors to soothe skin irritation and redness from various therapies and cancer treatments. Volunteers manned booths with homemade scarves and jewelry, as well as sold treats like popcorn.

The Baxter YMCA offered information about a LIVESTRONG program for building muscle strength, balance, endurance and confidence. continue reading ...

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Early detection saved her life

Written by Community Health Network on 8/12/2014 6:00:00 AM

Chances for survival vary by stage of breast cancer. Non-invasive (stage 0) and early stage invasive breast cancers (stages I and II) have a better prognosis than later stage cancers (stage III and IV). And, cancer that has not spread beyond the breast has a better prognosis than cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes.

Catching cancer at its earliest stage only increases a patient's chances for survival. Courtney Larson, a Community Cancer Care patient, knows a thing or two about the importance of early detection of breast cancer: It saved her life.

Larson was performing a breast self-exam when she discovered a suspicious lump. Concerned, she followed up with her physician. A diagnostic mammogram was performed and revealed Larson had breast cancer.

After surgery to remove her cancerous tumor, six rounds of chemotherapy and thirty rounds of radiation treatment, Larson was declared cancer-free. But her passion to keep fighting cancer did not end there. continue reading ...

10 simple ways to honor a cancer survivor

Written by Community Health Network on 6/7/2014 8:00:00 AM

Celebrate a cancer survivor this month

At Community Health Network we believe that cancer survivors should be celebrated each day. If you know someone who is living with a history of cancer, take a moment to honor him or her. Find a way to let them know how happy you are that he or she is in your life. To get you thinking, here are 10 simple ways to honor a cancer survivor:

  1. Mail a greeting card or write out words of appreciation continue reading ...

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19 million cancer survivors to live in U.S. by 2024

Written by Community Health Network on 6/4/2014 7:00:00 AM

The American Cancer Society released a report on June 1, 2014 that it expects the number of cancer survivors in the U.S. to increase by more than 30 percent in the next 10 years.

They estimate that almost 19 million cancer survivors will live in the U.S. by 2024. About 14.5 million survivors were in the country at the start of 2014. This includes everyone who’s ever had cancer, from the time of diagnosis for the rest of their life. continue reading ...

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Dr. Darrel Ross on survivorship

Written by Dr. Darrel Ross on 6/1/2014 6:15:00 AM

Dr. Darrel Ross is a radiation oncologist at Community Cancer Center South. 

Dr. Darrel Ross Today is National Cancer Survivor Day. It’s a day when not only do we honor all those who've won their battle with cancer, but those still fighting. From their first treatment to their last, cancer patients are strong and brave. That’s why all of our patients at Community Health Network are survivors each and every day.

It’s gratifying to be part of the cancer care team at Community Health Network and to see so many examples of how to live life well amidst cancer. As a radiation oncologist I find myself reflecting on many of my patients and recalling both the fear and humor that comes my way every day.

Some patients come to their first radiation therapy appointment believing it’s an open pit of fiery flames. What many do not know is that radiation therapy has drastically changed, and has many safeguards. Today, we are pinpointing the beam of radiation with great precision. Our goal is to avoid damaging healthy tissue while eliminating the cancerous cells. continue reading ...

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