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The story behind the lapel pin

Written by Community Health Network on 2/11/2014 9:00:00 PM

Twenty Community Health Network cancer care physicians are proudly wearing a new lapel pin. The pin signifies their certification by MD Anderson Cancer Network™ – one of America’s leading cancer care providers.

The pin means that the physician has met MD Anderson's nationally recognized standards in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and uses MD Anderson’s guidelines and treatment plans with their patients.

But the pin represents more than a certification; it is a beacon of hope. It means that Community Hospitals North and East have an affiliation with the MD Anderson network.

“MD Anderson Cancer Center believes patients should be treated in their own community,” said Myra Fouts, vice president of oncology services at Community Health Network. “This philosophy raises the standards of care within the community and certifies local cancer doctors are meeting the same standard of care. The MD Anderson standards are demanding. What this means for the patient is each person is receiving the very same treatment for a standard type of therapy.”

Simply put, Community cancer care patients now have access to expert care right here in Indiana.

The affiliation allows the Community cancer care team to gather each week for tumor board meetings to discuss challenging cancer cases with MD Anderson. They can also collaborate with the MD Anderson experts when treatment is outside of the norm.

“It’s very important for us. Our emphasis is on patient care and cancer research,” said Dr. Pablo Bedano. “By adhering to strict scientific cancer guidelines, the Community cancer care doctors can apply these to all types of cancer care including rare cancers or rare situations within common cancers. It’s great to tap into all their scientific research.” continue reading ...

Viewing 1-1 of 1 result(s).

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