Analysis of Community Health Network breast cancer study

At Community Health Network, breast cancer is treated through an evidence-based multidisciplinary approach. In 2010, most of the breast cancer patients were diagnosed in their sixth decade of life with the age of diagnosis between 60 and 69 years of age. The majority were diagnosed at an early stage with 16 percent Stage 0, and 47 percent Stage 1.

The 1998-2002 data shows an overall five-year survival rate of 86.6 percent. The quality of our breast cancer program is evident in our survival data. Breast cancer patients treated at Community Heath Network can be confident that they will receive quality care, with outcomes that surpass national benchmarks.

—Nate Thepjatri, M.D.

Overall five-year survival, breast cancer

Diagnosed in 1998-2002
NCDB, Community Health Network and comprehensive

Survival summary chart

Observed survival, breast cancer

Diagnosed in 1998-2002 — Community Health Network

Community survival chart

Diagnosed in 1998-2002 — Comprehensive community cancer centers
(data from 563 facilities)

Comprehensive survival chart

Diagnosed in 2003 — National (data from 1,327 facilities)

NCDB survival chart