Pediatric Care, Anderson Souchet/Kids+

Dr. Souchet welcomes new patients to his pediatrics practice. The doctor and his staff are caring, professional, and devoted to giving your child the best care possible. We have same-day appointments. This means if your child is sick, we get them in the same day that you call.

For your convenience, we are a bilingual office. Dr. Souchet and his medical assistant both speak fluent Spanish.

Our doctor and staff stay informed of all of the new vaccines that have come out and when your child should be vaccinated for them.

Our office can process Hoosier Healthwise Applications on site for eligible families. We also feature a social worker on site who serves as a primary contact for our community’s service organizations such as CPS, First Steps, Head Start, and Pregnancy Plus.

Again, welcome to our practice. We look forward to working with you to provide expert health care for your child.

Pediatric Care, Anderson, Dr. Souchet's office