Family Medicine, Pediatric and Ob/Gyn Care

Family convenience. Coordinated care.


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Welcome to a new model of integrated medical care, where patient convenience and quality care meet. Our medical pavilion on the south side of Indianapolis combines four practices into one convenient location.

Our physicians specialize in family practice, pediatrics and obstetrics/gynecology to deliver a patient-centered medical home that highlights access to care, whole-person orientation, and coordination of care. Lab and X-ray services are also offered on-site. It's one-stop care for the entire family.

We are a level-3 Patient-Centered Medical Home

Our family medicine providers focus on the patient-physician relationship. Our patient-centered model of care is designed to help patients better navigate care and focus on prevention. Learn more about PCMH >>

Physicians working together

All physicians at the Community Health Pavilion will work closely together and consult on each other’s patients if needed, since they are all in the same practice, part of Community Physician Network. In addition, patients will benefit from an electronic medical record which can be accessed by all physicians in the practice who are caring for that patient. That means patients won’t need to bring in their medical records or share medical information repeatedly with several physicians in the practice whom they might be seeing.


  • County Line Medical Pavilion nurse with a pediatric patientFamily practice physicians provide primary care for you and your family with same-day and extended hours.
  • Pediatricians offer coordinated and specialized care for infants and children of all ages.
  • Obstetricians and gynecologists help women with their unique health needs.
  • On-site lab and X-ray provide convenient services to patients at all the practices in the office. Advanced imaging—including CT scans, general x-rays, mammography and ultrasound—is available.

A new service available for patients at the health pavilion is the use of a nurse care manager, who can offer personalized assistance with medical issues. The nurse care manager will work with patients who have chronic illnesses, such as asthma or obesity.

“For example, if the parents of a pediatric patient are having trouble understanding how to use the inhaler or how to take medication, the nurse care manager is there to help,” said Mary Valdez, an executive director for Community Physician Network. “The nurse can take the clinical diagnosis given by the doctor and put it in a way that the patient understands. It’s an educational role and a service we’ll provide at no cost to the patient.”

The pavilion also offers a patient “navigator.” This person assists patients through all aspects of their care, setting up appointments and even assisting with insurance matters. The unique model of care actually improves quality of care, according to Valdez. “Everyone has so many demands on their time between family and work. This model helps patients stay compliant with their health care and ensures that they are receiving the services they need.”

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